Day 1 Radio: Terence Lester of Love Beyond Walls [2/13]

Day 1 Loving Beyond Walls...

This week in the studio we had author, activist and all-around good guy Terence Lester come in and share his passion for outreach through Atlanta’s Love Beyond Walls. Amazing and crazy inspiring.

Lester’s had quite a life and the stories he tells us here? Man. SMH. You just have to listen. From living with the homeless under Atlanta bridges to the initiatives he’s currently spearheading with his wife, I quickly became a supporter. I think we all did.

This was a great episode, the energy was right but above all we’re hoping our talk will inspire you and your circle of friends to give back in some way. It really does make you feel like a million bucks…

After, we discuss newcomer Miloh Smith and her latest project Pulp Fiction for the New Music segment.

Miloh Smith Sharing a Lil' Somethin'...

Then Branden inspires the Unpopular Opinion of the week by proclaiming he didn’t listen because typically he ‘doesn’t like female rappers.’ O__o

Y’all already know what I said right? LOL.

Check it.


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