A Couple Thoughts on Last Week: Urban Vines Gets Bread, DJ Wally Sparks Gets El Bar Jumpin’, I Get Familiar With the MKZ

Photo courtesy of Mike Haze Media

Dinner parties, dive bar visits and luxury ridin’ — last week was mad real.

The homie India Ramos is well on her way to making some big things happen here in Atlanta as she works towards heading the city’s first micro-winery.

She’s been throwing #TheFoodClub parties for some time now and has recently begun making them fundraising efforts.

Just in time for her birthday (February 1), Ramos and her partner Rachelle Lovett hosted the biggest ones to date at the Metropolitan Lofts just outside of downtown.

I’m a huge believer in women supporting each other in new endeavors so you already know your girl found her way down there to contribute a few ends and partake in some good eating.

Goodie Goodie Bags from Cocktails in the K & Urban Vines...

Besides, Noriko Boston of Cocktails in the K was in the place too, making full use of the Patron sponsorship with some yummy drinks. My gift bag was cool too — got all kinda freebies in there! You wanna give a lil’ something? Head here.

Kudos to the ladies of Urban Vines for getting closer to their dreams.


That same evening, in celebration of my own birthday to come, a friend and I hit El Bar to support DJ Wally Sparks who’s taken to bringing New Jack Swing and UGK mixes to the midtown dive bar.

Super fun and I swear to you, if you’ve never been to a Wally Sparks party, you’re definitely missing out. If you’re in Atlanta for the next joint, try and make it out. Check for updates here

I celebrated my birthday a few days later at #SpinWednesdays with Sean Falyon, DJ Dibiase and DJ Official on the wheels (of Serato, LOL.). Super fun. Thanks to all who passed through though I’ve got to admit, I was glad to get back to work on my actual birthday. I never know what to do with more than couple hours of free time. O__o


The heavens smiled on me when Lincoln hit me just in time for the born day to ask if I was ready to give their #LincolnDateNight promo a go. Oh. Yeah. I could’ve teleported over to the dealership I got there so fast. LOL.

Remember — it was a recent Couple Thoughts where I shared my Hello Again Lincoln experience with you guys… Well, as part of the thank you package for invited media, they allowed us a pressure-free, solo dolo, couple days with the new Lincoln MKZ.

Behind Every Strong Woman...

My contact person Brock Scheidl at Gwinnett Place Ford was impeccable in his customer service — I was just as comfortable pulling out of the lot as if the Ruby Red beauty was mine forever.

First, I headed to the east side to check Meek Mill at South DeKalb Mall in Decatur. The Foot Locker is host to the very first Puma Lab right here in Atlanta and I hear that the company is doing some huge things in the coming year. Even more collabs with my fave designer for a few years now, Alexander McQueen (who’s Michael Kors? O__o), and some insane colorways for the spring/summer season.

I pulled into the lot with the latest ep of Day 1 Radio blasting via the MKZ’s Bluetooth connection and yep, heads turned. They turned again when I walked back and pulled the door open with the sensor in hand. No key or remote touching necessary. Pushed the button to start the engine and changed the interior lighting color. Felt like a G.

Peeled off to grab some Chinese, while blasting Nicki’s verse on Young Thug’s ‘Danny Glover’ through the clearest factory speakers I’ve heard in recent years. Now I’m trying to figure out a way to make the MKZ mine for a few years. All in all, a great week.


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