Fresh Music: Zuse ‘Soprano’

Tony? That You?

Newcomer Zuse played me this ‘Soprano’ track one recent day at a yo just outside of Decatur. That particular evening, he was sick as a dog but fought through it to try and knock out an interview where we talked manners, having a Jamaican upbringing and changing the rap game to one that doesn’t shy away from foreign accents.

The thing with Zuse though, is that he can fall in and out of patois, although I’ve got to admit, my favorite joints from him are grizzly, heavy-handed and hard-hitting with the accent.

As beads of sweat formed on his forehead, Zuse cued the Southside-produced ‘Soprano’ up for MFD. He had been coughing and clearing his throat for much of the evening but had renewed energy once the bass dropped on this latest banger. As aggressive as he is on wax, it’s definitely not just blind fury, Zuse knows what he’s doing.

Give it a listen.


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