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Use Your Eyes: Tope ‘Trouble Vision — Episode 2’

Tope Is Gonna Be Trouble For You Squares...

A few weeks ago, MFD featured Tope‘s ‘Take Your Time’ video and we’ve been checking for him ever since. The Portland-based rapper is on his way to bigger things in the coming year, working on a follow-up to his Trouble Man EP and documenting his solo moves after having been signed to a small imprint — including opening shows for folks like Nas. Pretty substantial, huh? Continue reading


Top 10 Items To Have During Festival Season 2014

Oh. So you’re headed to Austin next month for SXSW? Or maybe Tennessee for Bonnaroo in June? You think you have your list of essentials ready… I already know. That’s the feeling — until you get all the way ‘out there’ and you’re making a mental list of what to be sure to bring the next time. No worries. MFD’s got you covered.

For this Stay Fresh entry, I’ll give you a few tips on what you ought to be packing before heading out to smash the scene this festival season. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio: David Banner [2/20]


David Banner is fun. And crazy smart too. The Jackson, Miss.-born multi-talent came through to ABL Radio this week to chop it up with the Day 1 team about everything… And I do mean everything. Continue reading

Fresh Out The Inbox: Chase Compton ‘Smokin + Sippin [Freestyle]’

Chase No Chaser...

Yo. Days like today, I really love what I do. On a decent morning, I can hop in my emails and find something halfway decent. Today though, I was thoroughly impressed by this kid Chase Compton. Thoroughly. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio: Terence Lester of Love Beyond Walls [2/13]

Day 1 Loving Beyond Walls...

This week in the studio we had author, activist and all-around good guy Terence Lester come in and share his passion for outreach through Atlanta’s Love Beyond Walls. Amazing and crazy inspiring. Continue reading

Fresh Out The Inbox: Gueringer The 13th ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t’

Gueringer The 13th Talks Reckless...

When I was a kid, my parents had established this tradition of us trekking to see family in Detroit every other winter — in the dead of winter. LOL. Our relatives stayed just outside of the city in a suburb called Pontiac, a smaller, mixed community. So imagine my shock when hearing this newcomer Gueringer The 13th namedrop the small town I thought was my own little secret in his latest ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t.’ Continue reading

Use Your Eyes: REi The Imperial ‘Train Of Thought 2 (Voodoo 4 Dummies)’


NO-born, Atlanta-based REi The Imperial dropped his latest project ‘Rise of the Rejects‘ just a few months ago and MFD was in the building for the listening. ‘Train of Thought 2 (Voodoo 4 Dummies)’ was one of quite a few tracks that stood out. Continue reading

Fresh Music: Monet ‘Underground Queen’

Get Monet To the Throne!

Philly’s own Monet is back at it again with the slickest lines you’ve probably heard in quite some time from a relative newcomer. Continue reading

A Couple Thoughts on Last Week: Urban Vines Gets Bread, DJ Wally Sparks Gets El Bar Jumpin’, I Get Familiar With the MKZ

Photo courtesy of Mike Haze Media

Dinner parties, dive bar visits and luxury ridin’ — last week was mad real. Continue reading

Fresh Music: Zuse ‘Soprano’

Tony? That You?

Newcomer Zuse played me this ‘Soprano’ track one recent day at a yo just outside of Decatur. Continue reading