Day 1 Radio: Ryan Stewart of the 2 Live Stews


This week on Day 1 Radio we sat with Ryan Stewart of the 2 Live Stews, the very first sports talk show with African-American hosts. Dude is hilarious. Absolutely. 

Gotta admit, going into this one, I was just a little apprehensive because the sports thing ain’t me beyond basketball and even then, I’m not the one to know player stats off top. Still though, I knew enough to coast, my guys BP and Reese are beyond knowledgeable about the many details of football and Ryan was all too happy to be back on the mic chopping it up about everything from Erin Andrews’ fearful face to his own misguided picks this NFL season.


Since the 2 Live Stews show wrapped in 2012, the GA Tech alum has been moving consistently. From ESPN to The Game, Comcast Sports to the stage, Stewart has kept himself pretty busy and we got all in his business. LOL.

With the flyest mixes from DJ Wally Sparks and our Grammy 2014 picks to end it,  I’d say this one was one of our best shows to date. Dope.

Check it.


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