New Music: This Week’s Notable ‘Stoner’ Remixes — Kap G & Jadakiss

Here's Jada's Stoner Art... Kap Had a Vid...

Young Thug‘s ‘Stoner‘ track –produced by Dun Deal– debuted in August 2013 but you know, sometimes these things take a minute. Since August, ‘Stoner’ has not only grown legs but the infectious song literally took off on a hellified sprint within the last few weeks. Seems like every rapper has their own version of ‘Stoner.’ Hell, I might even drop mine in a couple days, LOL.

Anyway, within hours of each other this week, Yonkers MC Jadakiss and College Park’s own Kap G both dropped their takes over the instrumental of the season.

Truthfully speaking, Kiss did a good enough job on it though you could tell he was just experimenting with the sound. Without compromising himself or his style, the Yonkers MC coasted. Didn’t even break his NYC accent for the sake of the song’s roots. Love it. When was the last time you heard Jada on something this young-sounding with all the spacey synths and whatnot? Thugger coming in and out with his AutoTune adlibs… I don’t think Jada’s ever gone this far. It’s not necessarily his best, but it’s different. A lil’ something to keep his name in the back of your mind before that ‘Top 5 Dead or Alive’ LP hits.

Listen to Jadakiss’ ‘Stoner’ Remix

On to friend of the site, Kap G. The 19-year-old Atlantic signee is maturing into his sound for sure. Funny, even his little riffs in there sound cool, like he can probably play with singing on tracks in the future. For now though, he does really well riding a track meant for his demographic even as he denounces having the ability to love in the hook. I know for a fact that there are plenty of young ladies hoping to soften his heart. LOL.

Listen to Kap G’s ‘Stoner’ Remix


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