Fresh Out the Inbox: Tope ‘Take Your Time’ [Video]


Point number one? Portland rapper Tope sampled soul goddess Erykah Badu. Point two? He coasts on the track titled ‘Take Your Time’ from his recent ‘Trouble Man’ EP. Number three? And this is ill — he recruits Farnell Newton, Jill Scott’s trumpeter — to put his own jazz on the record. Awesome. Refreshing. And very well-orchestrated.

So much so that Ms. Badu herself expressed her appreciation on Twitter.


A relative newcomer to the national platform, Tope has actually been rhyming for years. When I took a glance at his bio, I had to admit I was impressed. He’s opened shows for everyone from Nas and Talib Kweli, to Dom Kennedy and Mac Miller. He’s even had a guest appearance on a TiRon track and MFD does love TiRon.

The video for ‘Take Your Time’ features a love-stricken Tope writing Ms. Badu heartfelt letters, all while trying to get his poetry popping in his neighborhood. Cutesy, quirky and artfully done, I’m genuinely excited to see what else Tope comes up with.

Check it.


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