Fresh Out the Inbox: Tony Del FreshCo ‘Change’


Listen. Sometimes you gotta cop to the fact that you’re a big fish in a small pond. In other words, sometimes you need to stunt on these heauxes. LOL. That’s exactly what Tony Del FreshCo does here in the video for ‘Change.’ The song will be a part of his second offering ‘Red October’ which comes to us courtesy of his two collectives AheadOfClass and BlessTheFresh.

The Houston native admits to “changing” after achieving success in his hometown. Clever one-liners and druggy production anchor the song but it’s the hook that caught me mayne: “N*ggas done said I changed. F*ckin’ right I done changed b*tch… That’s right, I upgraded all my sh*t…” Yo.

The ‘Red October’ project will feature appearances from Raven Sorvino, Dee Goodz, Fred The GodSon and a few more. Be on the lookout for that. In the meanwhile, check the video for ‘Change.’

Watch Tony Del FreshCo’s ‘Change’


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