Day 1 Radio: Killer Mike [1/17]

Killer Mike Got Day 1 Pledged Up...

This week on Day 1 Radio friend of the show, Killer Mike, came through to kick it with the guys. Your girl was missing in action and boy do I regret it. LOL.

I love Mike. If you’re familiar, you already know about his revolutionary spirit which transcends rap lyrics. He’s not just some emcee, Mike is an entrepreneur, not just for himself but for the sake of his community. Killer Kill from Adamsville ought to be the prototype for some of these cats out here talking that progressive ish.

Here, they talk about his lyrics, his desire to inform more of ‘these people,’ and what it means to be a businessman. A real one.

DJ Wally Sparks murdered the mixes too. Another love of mine.

I suspect the guys had Hen Dog in the yo too. SMH. Without me? I’ma go back home next week screaming ‘Run the jewels n*gga!’ LOL.

Check it.




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