Shine: Doe B’s Homegoing, Words From Family, Friends and Fans [Revolt TV]

Rest in Power Doe B

It was such a sad day when all of Twitter got the word that up-and-coming Grand Hustle rapper Doe B had been murdered in his hometown of Montgomery just after the holidays.

I hate hearing things like this.

A young, 22-year-old who’d come from nothing was on his way to making things better for his family and, like nothing, had his life cut short before he could even begin.

I don’t know about anyone else but Doe was definitely on my list this year. He had the Baby Jesus tape that everyone was heralding and, well, Alabama is just a couple skips from Atlanta so I figured we’d talk sooner than later. I was prepping a request to interview him by the top of the year. We’d all just seen him at the Street Execs show days before at the Tabernacle. Just awful.

He’ll be remembered though. Doe B’s homegoing was well-attended by friends, fans, and family. Revolt TV was there to cover.


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