Fresh Music: Zuse ‘Red’

I definitely need a late pass for this one. LOL. It’s aiight though, I know ’bout it now. Yes. And so, young Zuse, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica has the city of Atlanta on fire with his formula — blending ‘trap rap’ with the ill, unrelenting flair of dancehall. At least, if it’s been attempted previously, no one has gotten this far with it before Zuse.

His ‘bullet, bullet’ ad-libbing gets the club rocking as I witnessed myself the other day at Spoiled Milk.

Out of 14 years in Atlanta, I’d never seen patois so raw embraced so completely by an audience of straight Southerners… Here’s my favorite from him so far, titled ‘Red.’

To be fair, like most Jamaicans who spend a few years in the States, Zuse is able to turn his accent on and off, but trust, when it’s on blast, it’s on blast.

His Yankee accent makes an appearance on his ‘Ion F*ck Wit Ya’ joint produced by Hoodrich’s DJ Spinz.

See? Something about Zuse seems naturally raw. His delivery is rough, sort of gravelly, or sometimes it comes in a straight growl. Crazy but appealing. Threats of violence on wax is nothing in dancehall. Look at Bounty Killer, I mean, people dance to it but it’s all tough talk on dope ass beats. LOL.

Zooley Gang is the name of his clique though — I’d definitely suggest catching a live set. Dude is a character onstage for sure.




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