Fresh Music: Scotty ATL ‘In The Meantime 2’ Mixtape

Talk about keeping your people fed. Look at Scotty ATL — dropping a tape just for us while he’s in the middle of knocking the next official joint out.

It’s not that the concept is one folks haven’t implemented before but usually you can tell if they’re just throwaway tracks rushed into being pieced together for a tape. Who y’all fooling? But nah, not with Scotty. The Eastside representive, head of the Cool Club, has compiled some of the best tracks in his catalogue to present us with his ‘in-between’ project In the Meantime 2.

I gotta say, this joint bangs pretty tough. The 11-track mixtape boasts only a few features to include Starlito, Ra Ra and Cool Club member The Coolismac. Production on Scotty tapes are always pretty well-fitting too. Kato of SMKA, FKi, and DJ Burn One all make an appearance behind the boards here.

My favorite joint off the first couple listens is ‘ReUp.’ Scotty holds it down on his own on the lyrical side and Grand Hustle’s Stroud comes through on the production. ‘ReUp’ sounds like Decatur circa 2001. Bass-heavy, trunk-rattling, riding ’round on Ds off Candler Road, stopping off at the WK Wings for a lil’ box… You know.

Quality control is a clear standard for the Cool Club and I’m with it.

The rapper’s next tape Spaghetti Junction is on its way and if the ‘in-between’ is this solid, I can only imagine what that’ll sound like… 

Download it here at Live Mixtapes.


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