Fresh Out The Inbox: Monet ‘Paper Thin [Freestyle]’

Philly-based rapper Monet is pretty damn ill with the flow. Gotta admit, these folks outta the City of Brotherly Love have a different kind of energy on the mic. Somewhere between urgency and blatant rawness, Monet pulled MC Lyte’s legendary ‘Paper Thin’ instrumental from a dusty crate and proceeded to go in over the classic beat. Very well done.

**Just so you know this joint wasn’t a fluke, check her rendition of Jay’s ‘Dead Presidents’. She gets to spittin’ thorough around the 3:50 mark. I mean. Yikes…


3 responses to “Fresh Out The Inbox: Monet ‘Paper Thin [Freestyle]’

  1. This kid has crazy word play and much depth, metaphorically amazing! She definitly got……want to hear more for sure.

  2. Definitely is dope.. We’ve known about her for a min and have showcased her music on our site

  3. South Philly Timmy

    That’s my Monet shes tight

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