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Shine: MFD for Mommy Noire — ‘You’re A Mom Now, Quit Listening To The Explicit Version’

My 3 Year Old Repped For That Carter III...

In an effort to keep my mind sharp while switching things up a bit, I’ve started contributing to Mommy Noire in addition to the gazillion music sites I’m already writing for. Still, you guys ain’t think I was just straight music all day, every day did you? LOL. I’m a mom above everything else!  Continue reading


Day 1 Radio: Ryan Stewart of the 2 Live Stews


This week on Day 1 Radio we sat with Ryan Stewart of the 2 Live Stews, the very first sports talk show with African-American hosts. Dude is hilarious. Absolutely.  Continue reading

New Music: This Week’s Notable ‘Stoner’ Remixes — Kap G & Jadakiss

Here's Jada's Stoner Art... Kap Had a Vid...

Young Thug‘s ‘Stoner‘ track –produced by Dun Deal– debuted in August 2013 but you know, sometimes these things take a minute. Since August, ‘Stoner’ has not only grown legs but the infectious song literally took off on a hellified sprint within the last few weeks. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox: Tope ‘Take Your Time’ [Video]


Point number one? Portland rapper Tope sampled soul goddess Erykah Badu. Point two? He coasts on the track titled ‘Take Your Time’ from his recent ‘Trouble Man’ EP. Number three? And this is ill — he recruits Farnell Newton, Jill Scott’s trumpeter — to put his own jazz on the record. Awesome. Refreshing. And very well-orchestrated. Continue reading


Eff-A-Beeyo Gets It

Get me talking about rap and my hometown and I don’t stop running off at the mouth. Brooklynites are the illest out of all the NYC natives, ask anybody. LOL. So when Fabolous dropped his ‘Soul Tape 3‘ back in December I was already in. Continue reading

Fresh Music: Sean Falyon ‘TrillMatic (BeEVERYWHERE Mix)’

Sean Falyon's 'TrillMatic'

What I’m saying is that, while everyone else out here is wishing they had a clone, Sean Falyon must have about two or three… Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox: Tony Del FreshCo ‘Change’


Listen. Sometimes you gotta cop to the fact that you’re a big fish in a small pond. In other words, sometimes you need to stunt on these heauxes. LOL. That’s exactly what Tony Del FreshCo does here in the video for ‘Change.’ Continue reading

Day 1 Radio: Killer Mike [1/17]

Killer Mike Got Day 1 Pledged Up...

This week on Day 1 Radio friend of the show, Killer Mike, came through to kick it with the guys. Your girl was missing in action and boy do I regret it. LOL. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox: J-Blev ‘Lost & Found’

J-Blev's 'Lost and Found'

Can’t say I know much about J-Blev outside of his persistence — but apparently the Pensacola, Fla. native has been grinding pretty hard for some time now. Particularly for having had TV placement on a few major networks to include HBO and Lifetime.  Continue reading

Day 1 Radio: Saptosa Foster [135th St Agency]

1464659_10101249359794977_343730714_n If you’re in urban media on the east coast and aren’t familiar with Saptosa Foster and 135th St Agency, you may need to tighten up your circle. Continue reading