Use Your Eyes: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Cry Wolf... I Dare You...

Last night (December 19), the good people at Bossip and [my sometime employer] Hip Hop Wired, sponsored the Atlanta screening of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s new film The Wolf of Wall Street. I love a good storyline — with that said, Wolf is insane. Like, I would go in my pocket to see it again when it comes out on Christmas Day. It’s that good.

I would be remiss not to mention the fact that Martin Scorsese‘s involvement as director made this crazy plot even more appealing to the senses. Based on a true story, Wolf showcases a lot of sex, drugs and hilarious, profanity-filled exchanges. You already know.

I have no clue how Leo locked his NYC accent in as a native California boy… But yeah, he was pretty authentic as Jordan Belfort, a pushy, obnoxious stock broker out for the blood of those richer than him but stupid enough to buy the stocks he chides them into buying. Incidentally, Belfort — in real life — is extremely handsome. O__o Peep the pic.

Jordan Fine Though...

It’s crazy how Scorsese portrayed this character — like, I loved him and hated him all at once, but if you’re familiar with the work of Mr. S. you know that’s sorta his thing. Think of Pesci‘s character in ‘Goodfellas,’ hell, even in ‘Casino.’

The supporting roles were also very well done. Matthew McConaughey showed up for a couple seconds to set the coke-driven tone that stuck for another two hours. LOL.

My favorite, Jonah Hill was at his worst here and I mean that in the best way. Without telling too much: he was the perfect villain — seemingly trustworthy but ultimately self-serving — the slimiest saboteur.

Margot Robbie, gorgeous girl, played Belfort’s second wife. She’s actually Australian, but as a native Brooklynite, I must say, she’s another that pulled that NYC accent off nearly without a hitch. Amazeballs. She did a pretty good job as well.

Upon leaving, I literally heard people to my left and right say that it was too long but if you’re into Scorsese films then you already prepare your two and a half hours beforehand and buckle in for one helluva ride. Artfully shot, well-performed, super-engaging story… I mean, sheesh, people will complain about anything, won’t they?

Watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Trailer


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