New Music: Fresh Three From Beyonce’s Self Titled Visual LP

Bey Knows What She's Doing...

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do today’s R&B too tough. Give me the stuff up until Jodeci for the most part and I’m good. That being said, I’ve always been a fan of Beyonce‘s drive and I don’t know many who don’t respect her immense talent.

The woman can definitely sing and perform, you have to admit that.

Last night while many of us were sleeping, she dropped her version of a black album — barely any promo or marketing whatsoever. Just a snippet of the video for ‘Grown Woman’ a few days ago. By 6 am, Twitter and Instagram was flooded with nothing but Bey posts from the Hive. If you’re with it, cop the album from iTunes.

The self-titled visual album is another nudge towards the future of how artists drop albums. Inspired me to do a little writing.

Not sure how long they’ll give us with these public videos but I chose my Fresh Three out of the 17 visuals the Houston Rocket came up with. I can’t post but I gave you the links to check the full joints over at YHTN. So read and simultaneously watch in the window. LOL. Shouts to Low Key.

‘Grown Woman’

You know this song, it’s what Bey used for the Pepsi ads about a year back. I can see little kids making up entire dances to this. Hell, I can see grown men choreographing those dances. LOL. Nice tribal type beat. Ill editing too featuring Kelly Rowland and Beyonce as kids.

‘Blue’ feat. Blue Ivy Carter

Infinite happiness. That’s what I got from this one. The video, shot in Brazil, showcases natives just living life. Dancing, playing soccer, twerking on the beach a little. Miss Blue Ivy gets another huge check from her credit on this piece as well. I believe the only other joint she has one on is Jay’s ‘Glory.’ Again, very smart. This is the type of thing parents ought to do for their kids, that is, if they’re raking in millis from their recording careers.

‘Superpower’ feat. Frank Ocean

Another dope visual featuring Frank Ocean on the vocal side. Not sure what the premise was, like how Bey dreamed up something so dark, but there’s a quiet rumble of power throughout, and the inclusion of Michelle and Kelly was a nice touch.

Honorable Mention

‘Drunk In Love’ feat. Jay Z

Apparently, Jay and Bey have no issues on the sexual side. LOL. No. Issues. She details how it goes down on ‘Drunk In Love’ while killing us with the stripper kicks. Her southern accent is the strongest I’ve heard from her on this one but what I enjoyed most were the faces she made as Jay rolled through his bars. Very cute. Very much in tune.


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