Fresh Music: Sy Ari Da Kid Tackles Que’s ‘OG Bobby Johnson’ With a Freestyle

Sy Ari In Space...

It was one day early this year that I became a fan of Sy Ari Da Kid. Crazy how some experiences stand out.

He performed at a small venue in East Atlanta and the song that got me was titled ‘If I Was A Trapper.’ Super smart, super intuitive and my mind was blown that this young dude was up there giving the blueprint away to these low-level knuckleheads for the free! The hell? LOL.

So yeah, ever since that night, I keep an eye out for the Northside Atlantan (by way of the Bronx). As he prepares to drop his new project The Birth by the second quarter of 2014, Sy’s been blessing us with a track here and there. Today, he let go of a freestyle over the homie Que‘s ‘OG Bobby Johnson‘ and man oh man, did he make it his own…

The original joint by Que is literally, one of, if not the hottest track in the A right now so yeah, it was a good choice on Sy’s part. And he did something nice with it. Check for yourself.


Bonus: This ‘Turn Up On A F*ck N*gga’ track is nice too. See how I like to share?

SyAriDaKid Says To T.U.O.A.F.N


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