A Couple Thoughts on Thursday Night: Juvenile’s Reborn at Treesound

Juve Turns the Thermostat Up A Few Degreez At Treesound

On Thursday, the good folks at Treesound Studios welcomed members of the media to their facility just outside of Atlanta for a night of turkey, greens and new sh*t from N.O. legend Juvenile.

Gotta admit: When artists, who’ve experienced their superstar-dom on a major level years before, all of a sudden reappear? I’m skeptical to say the least. Is the quality of the new work compromised for the sake of wanting the spotlight to shine as bright as before? But man, this new Juve is on point.

The Magnolia OG still sounds like himself but on newfangled beats that actually fit him. It’s not the usual situation where you can tell the artist is forcing a particular sound to be considered current. Nah.

The young cat he’s working with (straight forgot ol’ boy’s name, SMH) is primed for ‘the now’ and has done work with Nicki Minaj and a few other people so yeah, production-wise, it’s on point. Juvenile actually sounds just as comfortable on the mic as he did on 400 Degreez released about 15 years ago…

There was a track with Drake, which truthfully, sounded like a lead single. Then one with a Rozay sample that was another crowd favorite. Then something irreverant, something about ‘milk making the body good.’ O__o No comment on that one. LOL.

For the most part, looks like Juvenile has the tools for a comeback. We all got sloshed on complimentary Heineken, Dusse and Red Bull at the Tree, but I know what I heard. We’ll see how the public receives it. BTW, the project has no date or title yet but he does have an EP coming before it. Should be in the same vein though. Something tells me Juve knocked out a million songs since we last heard from him. Very nice.


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