A Couple Thoughts on Last Night: K. Michelle Murders Centerstage To My Surprise

Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell

Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell

Maybe I’ve been missing out on K. Michelle. Correction: Clearly, I’ve been missing out on K. Michelle. LOL.

Most of today’s straight-up R&B makes me cringe — I’ll roll with the ‘neo-soul’ genre any day over the super-sappy ballads and ridiculous uptempo club tunes. But what do I know?

In fact, K. Michelle shut me up last night at her sold out show at Atlanta’s Centerstage with Tiara Thomas and Sevyn Streeter. I had no idea that the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star had such a huge fanbase. I mean, really. And she made mention of her own VH1 show in the works for 2014, titled No New Friends. O__o

Aiight. But yeah, the evening, sponsored by the good folks over at Beautiful Textures and Mona Scott Young’s MYX Moscato, opened my eyes and dammit, just like that, I’m a K. Michelle fan. LOL. Granted, her dirty laundry is all over the web and it’s been said that her attitude is um, less than personable, but as she stated last night, we all have our sh*t, it just may not be publicized. I spoke with her once for work and she was sweet as pie. *shrugs*

With that said, Ms. K jumped into her Rebellious Soul tracklisting and the crowd erupted. Honestly, last night was my first time hearing the project and what better way than to hear it live with a band behind her. I mean, people can say what they want about this young lady from Memphis but they can’t say she can’t sing. Goodness. And she’s hilarious onstage. At one point she asks the crowd about their respective relationship statuses then says, “You happy in your relationship? You may be at the wrong damn concert!”

On top of that, it’s her songwriting that got me. “A little ratchet” is what she repeatedly said while onstage and yes, while it may be just a tad bit “hood,” it’s real — the emotion, the stories and even the language used — it’s honest. She had a few about baby mommas using their kids to get bread and “peeling the wig” off a dude that played her… Yeah, there were those, heh, heh…

Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell

Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell

But then she had a couple brutally honest ones that actually made me soft inside while sitting in a crowd of about 1,000 people. “When I Get A Man” was one, “I Don’t Like Me” was another — I think it was, in part, due to the way I know people view this woman. Hell, if you were a fan of the LHHATL series, you know that the people on there villainized her for these same two reasons: not having a man and struggling with self-esteem. Damn.

She did some mixtape joints as well from her 0 F*cks Given tape with DJ Sense and ended the show on a high note with the smash “V.S.O.P.” — which the homie Mehka just put me on to the day before.

So yeah, Ms. Michelle has succeeded in having me in my bag since last night, tapping into that vulnerable side I usually pay no mind to…


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