Fresh Music: ‘Honest [Remix],’ Future feat. T’Melle

T'Melle Ready & Waiting...

Been hearing this young lady T’Melle‘s name around Atlanta heavy since the top of 2013.

I knew she had a mixtape titled The Interview out, but I hadn’t had the chance to hear anything from the Philly native until she and the team dropped this remix to Future‘s recent ‘Honest‘ single, which, for the record, I’m not a fan of in the least, LOL.

T’Melle pretties it up though with the help of producer, Mr. Hanky. Her voice is fine, not ‘fine’ as in ‘decent,’ but delicate, well-tuned.

Read through her bio and found that some of her musical influences include The Sound of Music and Funny Girl (!).  That alone had me intrigued but I had forgotten this one sad tidbit that someone mentioned to me in passing: T’Melle was the teen in the back of the vehicle when Left Eye had her fatal accident about a decade ago.

The 14-year-old had been working with Lopes for just a little while before then and took the trip out to Honduras with her. Shattered her leg in the car crash and her doctor suggested that she find another occupation — to which the young chanteuse answered, ‘Nothing’s wrong with my voice…’

She’s right about that. Check it.


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