Day 1 Radio: ForteBowie [11/21]

Day 1 Radio with ForteBowie

Straight off the southside of the A, TIG’s ForteBowie joins us over at Day 1 Radio to talk love, ’90s R&B and the pitfalls of dating.

The studio was live that night. Branden was in his bag about Tribe’s debut LP, Maurice shared stories about his fast times around the time of ‘12 Play”s release, and me? Sheeeit, y’all know me. I was just chillin’. LOL.

Always knew an interview with Forte would be a deep one. To be a mere 23-years-old, he’s pretty well-versed in music of multiple genres — it’s something you can hear in every one of his projects from #SomethingAboutBowie to the most recent Vice Haus. I could listen to him talk about Phil Collins all day. Ha!

Anyway, here it is! Another successful episode of Day 1 Radio on ABL Radio. If you’re reading this on the 21st, tune into ABLRadio at 5pm EST to give it a listen.

If you’ve missed the live broadcast though, here’s the Soundcloud link:

BTW, that ABLRadio app is definitely available for download if you have an iPhone…


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