A Couple Thoughts on Last Night: Pushing the Lincoln MKZ Down Peachtree

Fun at Hello, Again with Lincoln's MKZ

I think the “folks in marketing” are starting to get it. Kinda. LOL. Nonetheless, the good folks at Lincoln came down to the A last night for the second time in a month to premiere the new MKZ model.

I dropped into 800 Peachtree last night, not really knowing what to expect, but ready for the reps from Lincoln to pour one of the yummy looking cocktails as I gazed at the pretty red car with the $36,000 (starting) price tag.

Thirty-six racks actually isn’t a bad price for a brand new mid-sized Lincoln though. I believe you can get the MKZ loaded to the tune of $52,000. All I wanted to do when they asked, ‘You’ll be a driver, then?’ was hop inside one, throw my Pusha LP in the player and peel off on I-20 East.

Alas, this wasn’t the case, LOL. They were, however, gracious enough to let me and my plus-one take it for a leisurely ride down Peachtree. I climbed in. The seat instinctively knew how tall I was and moved forward. I died. I came back to life when the rep asked our favorite radio station in Atlanta then said, ‘103.3.’ The car responded, ‘Changing station to V103 Atlanta.’ I screamed like I was being mugged or something.

Beautiful car. Beautiful evening. Made even more gorgeous with the artwork provided by the good folks at Art, Beats and Lyrics who had their own event about a month ago. Matter of fact, the homie, ABL founder Jabari Graham was also in the place last night. Kickin’ it.

Copious amounts of hummus. Hip-hop on Serato. Lincoln clearly knows how to throw a party. And the gift bag ain’t bad either — a gift card for a two-day complimentary drive, $100 gift card to a Zagat-rated restaurant and a few products from the small business entreprenuers who acted as partners in the event: Boxcar Grocer, Bacon’s Heir and Tomahawk Illustrations.


4 responses to “A Couple Thoughts on Last Night: Pushing the Lincoln MKZ Down Peachtree

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I hope you enjoyed my hand made “Birds On Cake” card pack!

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