FRESH MUSIC: Ra Ra ‘Thirst’

Ra Ra 'Thirst'

Let me start off by saying this: I missed Ra Ra‘s ‘Young Capone‘ chapter.  Not completely, like, I was aware but I underestimated him for sure.

Rediscovered him about a year and a half ago and became a fan off the strength of one project. That Higher tape really had some joints on there. The type of cool, laidback, ‘g’head and zone out’ G sh*t only certain artists can pull off seamlessly. Songs like ‘Diamonds,’ ‘Gone’ and that high-energy ’96’ with the homie Big Sant were clear standouts.

I’m glad to see that the young man from Atlanta’s Eastside is back at it again, preparing for the release of his long-awaited High End Low Life project. ‘Thirst’ is the first track to hit the streets from the new tape. Ra is coming into his own, slowly but surely. Here the rapper showcases some growth and maturity since the last time he poked his head into the booth. He does soulful funk well. And I’m back where I started — ultimately impressed and simultaneously mad I didn’t see this outta him from the very start.  The ‘Thirst’ [track] is real. Check it.


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