Lady B, DJ Babey Drew and Baby Babey Drew at The Session

Here we are. Down to the very last recap of Lady B‘s first year of The Session held here in Atlanta.

Just you know, B’s pretty serious about who she brings in to take part in her events. Everyone from Jarren Benton and Sy Ari Da Kid to Scotty ATL and Ducko McFli has made an appearance. Not only has the event become a must-attend for artists but industry insiders as well, drawing the attention of people like Atlanta music fixture Kevin Shine and DJ Babey Drew.

This one is extra special because she and her team took on the epic task of holding  one during this year’s A3C Festival at the top of October.

This week’s edition features performances and talks with artists from across the nation: Audra The RapperRome FortuneAlex Wiley and Me’mo. With all the running around done in those five days, this edition of The Session was well-planned and executed. Peep the recap.

In the coming year, Lady B is incorporating stand-up comedy as part of The Session series in addition to emcees and singers. Definitely a little different — but in talking to B you can hear the excitement in her tone and sense that it’s the same energy that she had a year ago at the very beginning.

The anniversary show is set for Saturday evening in the Castleberry District in Atlanta. Of course, we’ve included the flyers below for your convenience. Fall through if you’re in the city.

Sessions Anniversary Show                                                          Sessions Anniversary Show


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