#FreshVision: Kap G Talks Heritage and Major Music Connections

Kap G

Giggle at the title and hook of “Jose Got Dem Tacos” all you want but the young boy, Kap G — straight outta College Park — is about to be chuckling to the bank, stacking straight show money on that unsuspecting ass… LOL.

As I told him here, I love the  fact that the first time I heard the track was at one of Mixtape Atlas‘s parties with the homie Jah at The Basement in East Atlanta. I just happened to walk in while the crowd was going nuts to “Jose.”

I was jolted into the then-present — this tall, honey blonde-streaked Mexican-American kid, just barely into legal adulthood, had the crowd jumping. And those youngins are known to be kinda hard to impress. I mean, the energy was absolutely electric. Quite a feat, indeed.

He’s only been rapping for a couple years now but there’s an appeal there. I saw something that night.

Anyway, so you know I had to get at him from the starting position, right? Yup. So here it is:


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