Shine: Killa Kyleon Speaks To DJs Doing Work About Syrup’s Popularity

Mehka King (DJs Doing Work, Notes From the Underground, Soletron) forever has his ear to the street. This time he picked up on a recent Vice article about “drank” and its growing popularity. Most interesting is the fact that the site used Killa Kyleon’s image as the featured pic on the piece. So King reached out to his political connects and made a quick interview happen with the Houston-bred emcee.

In his own words:

“Recently, Complex covered an article by VICE magazine about the illegal sale of Codeine, the main ingredient used in one of hip-hop’s latest most popular drugs of choice, syrup.

In the VICE story, the writer speaks about stumbling onto a secret network of syrup sellers who are using Instagram as their store front. The Complex story, they speak about the VICE piece, but what many found odd was that they used a picture of Houston rapper Killa Kyleon for their story. While rocking a shirt that read, Actavis, which is one of the largest suppliers of the codeine, many took it as they were painting Killa as the poster child for syrup sipping, abuse and the sale of.

After mentioning the use of his picture on twitter, I reached out to Killa to speak about the Complex article, the commercialization of codeine, some of the myths behind syrup use, celebs who sip drank and more.”


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