A Couple Thoughts on Tonight: B.O.B.

So this is my process when I get home from a night out with rappers and their publicists: I sit on Twitter for a few minutes and let the words and snarky remarks make their way from my brain to the keys, right? LOL.

No snark tonight. But I do have a couple thoughts on this evening’s happenings.

Me and a few other Atlanta-based media personnel spent a couple hours with Mr. Bobby Ray at DARP Studios in Midtown. That A Room can be intimidating for any artist I think, if nobody’s bobbing their head (like what Jay said in that song about checking to see if his uncle was ‘beating his [head]’), because literally — where else are you gonna look besides the flat screens and then you’d just seem like an a$$hole. LOL. Nah.

B.O.B.’s new one — due on 12/17– should be a pretty damn good offering for the 24-year old. Here are the thoughts I shared as soon as I got in:

“I’m weird about the poppy rap right? But when he dropped “Still In This” last year, he reminded me that he’s an Eastside boy. LOL.”

“So yeah, that’s revisited on this one. He has a super crazy track on there with someone who I’m not allowed to mention. And maaan…”

“The room agreed that right there is “The One.” I’ma let them tell it though when they get ready before I’m blackballed. LOL.”

“I think it’s hard 4 Bobby 2 have 2 pick a side, quite honestly. Like, he’s 24. Been this eclectic lil’ somethin’ all his life from what I gather.”

“In this day and age, he clearly doesn’t HAVE to choose a box. BUT, I’m sure it would’ve made him easier to market initially.”

“Who cares now though, right? LOL. He got Taylor Swift on speed dial. But still tonight he let something show: “I wanna come home [to Atlanta], go to the strip club and hear my shit too… We get love in all these other countries…””

“I loved him for that especially. Always wondered if that was a ‘thing’ for him. ESPECIALLY after “Still” took off…”

“I was like, ‘Man!! I FORGOT he could do this type o’ sh*t!’ LOL. Illy.”

Let me know what you guys think once the album drops…


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