Use Your Eyes: ’12 Years A Slave’

You know what? This will be my first movie post on here — I won’t call it a review because really, that’s not my lane but if I’m touched by something new and want to share it here, I will. That being said, the new joint produced by Brad Pitt is really something else.

’12 Years A Slave’? Man. I haven’t shed tears in a theater in years but this one? Yeah. Definitely got a couple outta me. Imagine having a career, a family, a nice little wad in your pocket and a nest egg in the bank only to wind up kidnapped and somewhere in the Deep South picking cotton for a family that could give a f*ck less about any of that life you claim to have had. Yo.

And they showed painstaking artistry in even the harshest scenes. In the way it was shot. Just everything. Ol’ boy in the lead role, Chiwetel Ejiofor, you guys may know him from American Gangster or Four Brothers (or Amistad!), deserves some recognition come award season and with Brad in the credits, I’m fairly certain he’ll get at least one statue to take home.

Shouts to O and Zeena at The Fader for the look, the evening out and the opportunity to sit with some heavy thoughts bound to stick for longer than a second in these microwave times.




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