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Slice 9-3

Slice 9 at The Session

MFD and the homie Mehka (DJs Doing Work, Notes From the Underground, Soletron) are pushing on mayne. We’re already in the middle of our recaps leading up to ‘The Session”s first anniversary in about a week.

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FRESH CONCEPT: LADY B’S THE SESSION / BEYOND THE TALENT [Rolls Royce Rizzy, Runway Richy, Young Swift]

Young Swift at The Session.

Just in case you’ve been sleeping on MFD for a couple weeks, here’s the rundown — we’ve joined forces with Mehka King (DJs Doing Work, Notes From the Underground, Soletron) to present recaps of Lady B‘s The Session series in celebration of its first birthday coming in a little more than a week. Continue reading

Shine: Killa Kyleon Speaks To DJs Doing Work About Syrup’s Popularity

Mehka King (DJs Doing Work, Notes From the Underground, Soletron) forever has his ear to the street. This time he picked up on a recent Vice article about “drank” and its growing popularity. Most interesting is the fact that the site used Killa Kyleon’s image as the featured pic on the piece. So King reached out to his political connects and made a quick interview happen with the Houston-bred emcee. Continue reading

Fresh Concept: Lady B’s The Session / Beyond the Talent [RaRa, Translee, K Camp]

This is what I’m talking about… It’s so necessary to have people in your circle that push creativity even in the way they document this hip-hop thing of ours. DJ Lady B recruited a few friends in 2012 (including the ever-positive Fort Knox) in hopes of building onto her Atlanta-based brand — introducing fans to a whole other side of their favorite rapper.

‘The Session,’ originally titled ‘Beyond the Talent’ kicked off nearly a year ago at the New Era flagship downtown which has since shut down. But she hasn’t stopped organizing and promoting the event moving it over to the Castleberry Hill neighborhood early this year.

In celebration of Lady B’s upcoming anniversary, myself and Mehka King (DJs Doing Work, Notes From the Underground, Soletron) have decided that it’s only right to show support to one of our peers out here in the A with the right idea.

Here’s her first visual featuring RaRa, Translee and K Camp — the latter is all over the radio these days with that “Money Baby” track. I’d say B definitely knows how to pick ’em.

A Couple Thoughts on Tonight: B.O.B.

So this is my process when I get home from a night out with rappers and their publicists: I sit on Twitter for a few minutes and let the words and snarky remarks make their way from my brain to the keys, right? LOL.

No snark tonight. But I do have a couple thoughts on this evening’s happenings.

Me and a few other Atlanta-based media personnel spent a couple hours with Mr. Bobby Ray at DARP Studios in Midtown. That A Room can be intimidating for any artist I think, if nobody’s bobbing their head (like what Jay said in that song about checking to see if his uncle was ‘beating his [head]’), because literally — where else are you gonna look besides the flat screens and then you’d just seem like an a$$hole. LOL. Nah.

B.O.B.’s new one — due on 12/17– should be a pretty damn good offering for the 24-year old. Here are the thoughts I shared as soon as I got in:

“I’m weird about the poppy rap right? But when he dropped “Still In This” last year, he reminded me that he’s an Eastside boy. LOL.”

“So yeah, that’s revisited on this one. He has a super crazy track on there with someone who I’m not allowed to mention. And maaan…”

“The room agreed that right there is “The One.” I’ma let them tell it though when they get ready before I’m blackballed. LOL.”

“I think it’s hard 4 Bobby 2 have 2 pick a side, quite honestly. Like, he’s 24. Been this eclectic lil’ somethin’ all his life from what I gather.”

“In this day and age, he clearly doesn’t HAVE to choose a box. BUT, I’m sure it would’ve made him easier to market initially.”

“Who cares now though, right? LOL. He got Taylor Swift on speed dial. But still tonight he let something show: “I wanna come home [to Atlanta], go to the strip club and hear my shit too… We get love in all these other countries…””

“I loved him for that especially. Always wondered if that was a ‘thing’ for him. ESPECIALLY after “Still” took off…”

“I was like, ‘Man!! I FORGOT he could do this type o’ sh*t!’ LOL. Illy.”

Let me know what you guys think once the album drops…

#FreshVision: Young Dirt “No Other Beat” Freestyle

A few weeks back, me and my man Russ shot up to the north side of Atlanta to partake in some good old-fashioned studio time with Reidsville own Young Dirt. There was a little talk about his latest project, Welcome to Reidsville, and a helluva lot of freestyling. We posted one rhyme stream and here’s another, He stole my heart with his bars. LOL. So, so dope. Check it.

Day 1 Radio: Problem & Bad Lucc [Episode 1]

Day 1 Radio. Me, Maurice Garland and Branden Peters. Who would’ve known two years ago that myself and my big brothers in this hip-hop media thing, would be joining forces to put out a weekly podcast on everything from rap to apparel to lifestyle stuff? Man. You never know what’ll work until you try. And we did!

The first episode of Day 1 Radio features an interview with Diamond Lane‘s Problem and a couple lines from the homie Bad Lucc, who just so happened to be magnificently blunted on that evening. LOL. All in all, for me anyway, it was my first time meeting Prob and it was dope to see what type of cat he actually is off wax. I wasn’t hella surprised (what up Cali? LOL) but he was hilarious, personable and pretty damn intelligent. We talked his latest project, The Separation, as well as being a dad and sticky situations with YG. Check it.

Use Your Eyes: ’12 Years A Slave’

You know what? This will be my first movie post on here — I won’t call it a review because really, that’s not my lane but if I’m touched by something new and want to share it here, I will. That being said, the new joint produced by Brad Pitt is really something else.

’12 Years A Slave’? Man. I haven’t shed tears in a theater in years but this one? Yeah. Definitely got a couple outta me. Imagine having a career, a family, a nice little wad in your pocket and a nest egg in the bank only to wind up kidnapped and somewhere in the Deep South picking cotton for a family that could give a f*ck less about any of that life you claim to have had. Yo.

And they showed painstaking artistry in even the harshest scenes. In the way it was shot. Just everything. Ol’ boy in the lead role, Chiwetel Ejiofor, you guys may know him from American Gangster or Four Brothers (or Amistad!), deserves some recognition come award season and with Brad in the credits, I’m fairly certain he’ll get at least one statue to take home.

Shouts to O and Zeena at The Fader for the look, the evening out and the opportunity to sit with some heavy thoughts bound to stick for longer than a second in these microwave times.



#FreshVision: Ca$h Out Talks ‘Ya Feel Me,’ Shuns Rich Homie Quan Comparisons

Recently, I sat down with Mr. Ca$hin’ Out himself and discussed his newest project, Ya Feel Me, which actually boasts a couple dope tracks. I’ve been heralding at least three, two of which were done by Beat Monster. The third? Cutie pie, beast of a production talent Metro Boomin’knocked it out. Ca$h also fielded questions from me about everything from his faves on the project to whether or not he thinks Quan tried to rip him off — soundwise. Check it.


Day 1 Radio Begins…

Maurice Garland, Branden Jacobi Peters and I came to the decision that we will be the ones to bring something a lil’ different to the internet podcast world with the inception of Day 1 Radio. I’m ridiculously excited. Our producer Jabari Graham is on point, our camaraderie can’t be challenged AND all three of us know what we’re talking about. Who run it? LOL. Link soon come. #Fresh456 #MyDay1Dudes