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#FreshVision: Rich Homie Quan (@RichHomieQuan) X MadFreshDaily

Fresh Vision | Rich Homie Quan (@RichHomieQuan) X MadFreshDaily:

When I tell you me and Rustin Moore are working outchea? We really are. LOL. The latest installment of our Sitdown series features Rich Homie Quan of East Atlanta. You know, the young cat everyone wants to compare to Future. I really like dude and I think you get that impression here. Maybe you’ll even end up liking him too. Shot by Rustin Moore. Interview by me. Check it. 🙂


I may need to give this a read… 


Yall probably tired of me talking about this damn book, but for real…checkout that Questlove book. Started it yesterday afternoon and just finished it tonight…I usually dont enjoy memoirs but this was dope. Aside from the cool stories, commentary and the structure and flow…my favorite part is how the last line on the last page actually explains whats happening in the first chapter.


#FreshVision | Zaytoven

In late June, Zaytoven – Gucci Mane’s go-to producer- sat with me and Rustin Moore (@RoundupRussy) to talk about his DVD film ‘Birds of a Feather.’ In 2013, let’s be real, the smartest thing to do when growing a brand is to spread yourself around a bit. So, yeah, we were excited to get with Zay in his home studio and talk music, movies and method acting.

Gucci’s ‘So Icy’ was some time ago but it isn’t like Zay’s been sitting on his hands ever since. That Migos’ ‘Versace’ beat that has a gazillion “freestyles” already? Zay did that. But his attitude is so chill you’ve gotta wonder what else he has in the vault. Take a look at what he shared with us…


Fresh Vision | MadFreshDaily X Producer Metro Boomin’ (@MetroBoomin)

Recently, me and the homie Rustin Moore (@RoundupRussy) sat with Metro Boomin’ at Blue Note Studios in Atlanta and I teased and kicked it with the 19-year-old producer for longer than expected. Beyond the fact that he’s ridiculously talented, he truly exhibits a certain humility that’s sure to take him further than I think even he knows. Continue reading


Fresh Photo | MadFreshDaily X Rich Homie Quan (@RichHomieQuan):

The next installment of #TheSitdown features the 23-year-old firestarter Rich Homie Quan. As I told him this evening, I felt like a latecomer when I caught his set at SXSW back in March. He took the stage in all white, down to his Polo socks and Air Forces, clean. There was something about Quan that made me pay close attention, from his bop to the lilt in his voice.

I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or natural but it was hypnotic, the energy he had. And here we are not four full months later and the East Atlanta native is everywhere! So excited to share our conversation with you guys in the coming days. Shot by Rustin Moore (@RoundUpRussy) of course.