#FreshVision: MadFreshDaily X Jarren Benton (@JarrenBenton)

Fresh Vision | MadFreshDaily X Jarren Benton (@JarrenBenton): 

Jarren Benton is quietly on the rise as one of the most exciting “new” cats to come out of Atlanta. Here’s the thing though: Jarren is no doe-eyed newbie. The Decatur native has been pushing his way through the ranks for years now.

I got on his music back in 2009 after seeing him onstage at what seemed like every event in the A. It was a combination of things that pulled me in: the omnipresent raccoon cap, his exorbitant energy levels, but most of all — it was his rapidfire flow and clever lyricism that got me.

Anyway, I was glad to sit with him recently and chop it up at Twelve Studios in Atlanta. We had so much fun here as we talked about his new LP, ‘My Grandma’s Basement,’ and that insane artwork. The album is his first under the Funk Volume imprint (home to fellow wild boy Hopsin and the super-mellow Dizzy Wright). And already, ‘Grandma’s’ has been heralded as one of the summer’s best projects featuring Jarren at his best and banging beats from M16, Kato, the SMKA collective and more.

Debuting at #5 on ITunes — just behind the pre-order for Mac Miller’s new one — makes Jarren one to watch in the coming months. If he’s in your city, you’ve got to catch him in action.


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