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Art | J. Cole, ‘Born Sinner’ — Looking forward to June 18.


Kanye West Debuts “New Slaves” Projected on Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto


One of 66 locations he premiered this new song at by projecting the video onto buildings like Wrigley Field in Chicago. Who says Yeezy lost his touch?! Still two steps ahead of the competition….

Fresh Marketing | Yeezy Debuts ‘New Slaves’ Worldwide: As much as Kanye West annoys me these days I can still appreciate his creative self. *shrug*

Kanye West Debuts “New Slaves” Projected on Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto



I usually don’t trip off internet shit…but years later, I keep seeing photos and clips from this interview I did with Lil Boosie from 4 years ago. Nine times out 10 the clips are taken out of context and totally misconstrue what’s actually being said.

A quick backstory: I interviewed Boosie for what wound up being his last interview before he went away to prison. Boosie had already been sentenced and scheduled to go in later that month.

It was for Ozone Magazine and we we’re supposed to do it at the office. But one of the SUVs in his caravan got pulled over and dude was doing stuff in his SUV that surely would have got him arrested on the spot and sent in early…so him and his driver just went on to their hotel and I was asked to meet them there for the interview since they didn’t want to risk driving around and getting pulled over elsewhere or later.

Boosie had quite a bit to say and the the interview had quotes galore…on some Southern shit, it was almost my Kevin Powell x 2Pac for VIBE moment. Dude was going off on everybody.

I was not included in that bunch though. But to let the internet tell, buddy gave me the wrath!

One, Boosie cool and all but um…brah did not tell THIS reporter to kiss or suck anydamnthing.

The interview was for a print feature, meaning that it was conducted in a standard on-camera way with a lot of back and forth. Motion Family was following Boosie around for a documentary about his last days a free man. They recorded parts of the interview for me to post on my blog at the time, it wasn’t produced to be an on-camera interview. But, as with most stuff on the internet, people like to cut and take their favorite parts and make up some Frankenstien’ed ass story.

There are dozens of clips and photos making it look like buddy is going off on me personally, which is not true.

Only reason I’m even bothering with this is because to this day, a new clip or meme comes out or somebody who sees this stuff for the first time asks “damn, what to do to make Boosie snap on you like that?!?”

If you want to know who he was going off on, read the thing in its entirety, internets…

Perspective | Courtesy of @Maurice_Garland


Fresh Fest (Not… Well.. You get my meaning. LOL.) | OVO Fest:


Drake prepares his hometown for the 4th annual OVO Fest by revealing the event’s official lineup yesterday. This year Odd Future artist Frank Ocean and singer-songerwriter James Blake will perform on August 4th, while traditionally headliner Drake will perform the following day with special guests.

The event will take place in Toronto on August 4th and 5th at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.

Tickets go on sale May 24th at 10am.


Fresh Vid | Jarren Benton (@JarrenBenton), ‘Cadillacs & Chevys’:

So… I think, the best thing about my knowledge of Funk Volume’s Jarren Benton is the fact that I’ve watched him open shows in Atlanta since around 2009 and this guy is absolutely insane — all the time.

Not sure how any one artist can have as much energy as he does in every appearance whether it’s on film or onstage and NOT pass out immediately afterwards. LOL.

Nowadays, Jarren is always out of town, far from his home on Atlanta’s Eastside but he’s getting this work. His name is getting to be bigger and it’s only a matter of time before folks stop comparing his flow to Eminem’s. O__o

I like this video for ‘Cadillacs & Chevys,’ mainly because it looks like they’re all just having fun. Plus, my homie Slow shows his stomach. LOL. And it is round.

The song ain’t too bad either. Its home will be on the debut album, My Grandmas Basement, release date TBA.

Here’s the art and that’s definitely Jarren’s Nana toting the shottie with a bottle of liquor in her lap. LOL. See what I’m saying?

This track here is definitely not a bad start to get the momentum going…



Fresh Pic | Courtesy of @Maurice_Garland


#tbt 2008 or 09. Photo I snapped of Big and Dre outside of Stankonia on that infamous DF reunion I kinda crashed. Not sure, but this might be the last photo taken of these two together, outside of their personals.


Fresh Clip | 50 Cent Drops In on 2013 Mix Show Live In Vegas:

A friend of mine ran the publicity side of this year’s Mix Show Live from behind the proverbial curtain. I knew that she had a ton going on already but when I started to see tweets pop up about Fiddy touching down in Vegas, I started following them, until it appeared the rapper was getting closer and closer to The Palms where the conference was being held.

Then, pandemonium.

From what I understand anyway. LOL.

The next MixShow Live DJ Conference is slated to take place in August right here in Atlanta. 


Fresh Music | SMKA (@SMKA) ‘The Hangout Part 2’: 

I posted the first part of SMKA’s ‘Hangout’ project about a month back.

While the air was still chilly, SMKA sponsored a weekend full of PBRs and barbeque — MAD rappers and the multi-man production team, got together for some organic recording.

Here’s the second installment of the finished product. ‘Asics’ by BFPG & Grands is one instant fave. ‘Crack a Window’ by Spacesuit Junkies and Bamn Ford is another off top. 🙂 Enjoy.

New Music | J. Cole (@JColeNC) ‘Truly Yours 2’ : 

I like to assume that everyone who frequents my humble Tumblr has similar musical tastes as myself, with that said, you guys either have this six-song project already or you’ve at least heard it a couple times.

If not, no prob, that’s why I’m here. 🙂

To me, J. Cole represents the top tenth in today’s young man hip-hop. This kid is supremely clever and increasingly talented as both a producer and an emcee.

To call ‘Truly Yours 2’ a mixtape would be a gross miscalculation of respect. This snack before dinner on June 25th, is worth more than some weirdo mixtape label and a cracked jewel case. But form your own opinion. LOL.

Fresh Music: Scotty ATL Shares His ‘F.A.I.T.H.’

Fresh Music | Scotty ATL (@ScottyATL) ‘F.A.I.T.H.’:

There’s something about watching an artist progress from project to project that warms my heart. Particularly when it’s someone you actually like on wax. For me, most recently, that’s been Scotty ATL.

This week he finally dropped his third mixtape entitled ‘F.A.I.T.H.,’ an acronym for ‘Forever Atlanta In The Heart,’ and man oh man, has Eastside Scotty grown.

His debut a couple years ago, ‘Summer Dreams,’ was a damn good offering for a first timer, but he’s become notably confident in his flow, delivery, just everything.

I tried to narrow my favorite five down for this writeup and trust, it was harder than I thought it’d be. LOL. Of course the uber-talented DJ Burn One makes several appearances here behind the boards, then there are folks like this Stroud guy who clearly, I need to get to know — he’s dope.

Okay, so first the Fresh Five:

  1. ‘After Rap’ – All rappers aren’t about copping chains for life, some are ‘bout copping properties. Ask Killer Mike, and now, Scotty ATL.
  2. ‘Mama Ain’t Raise No Fool’ – Hilarious jaunt about opportunism and transparency. You can’t make the gold digging obvious. O__o Newcomer Miloh Smith helps out here.
  3. ‘My Shoes’ – Starlito & Killa Kyleon come along for the ride on ‘My Shoes’. I love the way this bumps and Scotty has a lil’ growl in his delivery too.
  4. ‘She Ont Give A F’ – Fellow Cool Club member, The Cool is Mac, appears here and holds his own. This track knocks on insane levels.
  5. ‘F.A.I.T.H.’ – The title track is one of the best on the tape. Scotty bares part of his soul, speaking on personal experiences involving family members he hasn’t seen in years, making his mother proud and more.

Honorable mentions include: ‘GAME w/ Trinidad James & Big K.R.I.T.,’ ‘Fuss and Fight w/ Lecrae,’ and ‘Handle Biz.’ These three joints?! Love ‘em.

Apparently, faith really does work. 😉