Fresh Music | Rajeev Wins (@Rajeevwins) ‘Steven vs. Stefan’:

The nerd rap sub-genre continues. For those of us old enough to remember when rappers were too afraid to be anything but drug dealers and killers on wax, it’s cool to witness the balance shifting a bit.

Rajeev Wins is the latest to contribute to the new wave. With the track ‘Steven vs. Stephan,’ he recounts his high school years — going from awkward to cool by prom night. It’s a clever concept with a wink at everyone’s favorite sitcom from the ’90s- Family Matters

Here’s what his team had to say about the upcoming project ‘Episode 104’:

During the 5th season of Family Matters, Steven Urkel changed from a N.E.R.D. with absolutely no chance with the girl of his dreams…into the suave, Stefan Urquelle, whose debonair demeanor could care less about settling for just one girl. That episode was #104. This project is Rajeev’s Episode #104

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