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#FreshPic Ms. Badu. I. Love. You. And your hip-hop sensibilities. Advertisements


Fresh Music | Spree Wilson (@SpreeWilson) feat. Go Dreamer (@GoDreamer), “All I Need”: 

Talked to Spree recently for work and he gave me the background on the upcoming ‘Life in Technicolor’ project, slated for arrival on May 1st. I love the fact that he — and production team The Flush — drew inspiration from the bass music he grew up on shuttling back and forth between Atlanta and Nashville.

In fact, when I moved to the A in ‘99, the radio was still very much into bass music. Felt like a different universe. LOL.

Anyway, here, Spree almost screws the interpolation of Ghost Town DJs mega-smash, “My Boo” and it sounds amazing. Never could imagine a track that originally was at, like, breakneck speed, sounding so lovely slowed down. 



New Music | Jay-Z, “Open Letter”:

At 7:45 this morning, Jay dropped “Open Letter” via Hot 97’s morning show. Seems Jay doesn’t do solo tracks these days until he absolutely has something to say (see: “Glory”). Although he’s been gapping the verses more and more, it’s always something of a big deal when he hops on anything.

Produced by Timbaland & Swizz Beatz, “Open Letter” is surprising low key — that horn makes me smile, it’s reminiscent of the dub / ska / reggae riddims my Daddy used to play at the crib when I was a kid.

As a native Brooklynite and staunch Jay fan, I support this, but a small part of me feels like he could’ve gone harder. Definitely worth a few listens though as Hov speaks on setting trends, going to Cuba for the Cubans, and Obama telling him “we don’t need this shit anyway, you gon’ get me impeached.” LOL.

Thought Jay could leave rap alone? Y’all gon’ learn today.


#OpenLetter 7:45 AM ET. #Hot97 #LifeAndTimes



The gang’s all here. #OpenLetter


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Fresh Campaign |  Jay Shells X NYC Rap Signs: I loved this idea the minute I heard about it. Simply dope. teamepiphany: American rapper and recording artist, Jeru tha Damaja gave a shout-out to Brooklyn in his lyric: “Aight baby show … Continue reading


Fresh Vid | Pusha T – ‘Doesn’t Matter’ (DECODED):

You know those folks at Life & Times love decoding lyrics… Here’s the latest they broke down from Pusha T’s ‘Wrath of Caine.’ #PartialToPusha


Pusha T – Doesn’t Matter (DECODED)


Fresh Music | Rajeev Wins (@Rajeevwins) ‘Steven vs. Stefan’:

The nerd rap sub-genre continues. For those of us old enough to remember when rappers were too afraid to be anything but drug dealers and killers on wax, it’s cool to witness the balance shifting a bit.

Rajeev Wins is the latest to contribute to the new wave. With the track ‘Steven vs. Stephan,’ he recounts his high school years — going from awkward to cool by prom night. It’s a clever concept with a wink at everyone’s favorite sitcom from the ’90s- Family Matters

Here’s what his team had to say about the upcoming project ‘Episode 104’:

During the 5th season of Family Matters, Steven Urkel changed from a N.E.R.D. with absolutely no chance with the girl of his dreams…into the suave, Stefan Urquelle, whose debonair demeanor could care less about settling for just one girl. That episode was #104. This project is Rajeev’s Episode #104