Fresh Music | SMKA (@SMKA) The Hangout Part 1

A few weeks ago, I received an invite from the SMKA camp to come and sit in on one evening of their 4-day Hangout project. Quite honestly, I had zero clue what it actually was that I was walking into but I’d never been to the 882 Studios so I figured, “What the hell? This’ll be fun.” LOL. And. It. Was.

It was literally a bunch of people just, well, hanging out. I mean, definitely working but it was still just a chill environment. Totally creative. The definition of organic.

There were people in the front room chopping it up, freestyling, guzzling PBRs and inhaling cheeseburgers.

In the back, SMKA producers were grinding hard at all times.

So the 50 artists (Cool is Mac, Jackie Chain, etc.) who came through were always in rotation between the mic in the back and the barbeque in the front.

There was a mean Luther Vandross sample that I heard when my man Jah gave me the tour upon my arrival. I’m hoping they found a way to work that in. 

There was a lil’ cypher that jumped off at some point in the evening and I became a fan of a couple new people including this guy Mic Barz who I hear is from Decatur- a plus! I’m biased though. Heh, heh. 

Anyway, so here’s the first offering from that Hangout concept. Tracklisting is below.

The Hang Out [Part 1]

  1. Miloh Smith, Tuki Carter & Justin Paul – Return of the Raw
  2. EarthGang ft. Grady The Great- Aligator Musik
  3. Dreamer, Bags, P.Dukes & TK – Ain’t Nobody 
  4. Playboy Tre, Marian Mareba & Spree Wilson – Good Life
  5. Cooly Wright, Red Coat Da Poet & Cool is Mac – Patterns
  6. Jackie Chain, Scotty & RaRa – Pimpin Mane
  7. Money Makin Nique & Mums FP – Fuck You
  8. Aleon Craft, Jack Pres & Small Eyez – Same Ol Things
  9. Stanza, Jus Nice & Mic Barz – Tell Dat
  10. Ducko McFli & Sean Falyon – The Game

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