Fresh Trailer | Sonny Digital (@SonnyDigital) X Que (@WhoIsQue) ‘Forbes Atlanta’ Mixtape Trailer: So, I interviewed Sonny a couple times last year and I was impressed. You know Sonny- 2 Chainz’ ‘Birthday Song.’ Future’s ‘Same Damn Time.’

Not only is this young man crazy talented but he’s unapologetic about what he stands for and nothing else. “I don’t usually like rappers really,” he told me once while we were both at Treesound Studios, “They just wanna come to the studio. Chill, smoke, and I can’t do what I do with all that around me.” LOL. Sh*t was so refreshing to hear.

So yeah, I haven’t met Que yet but they’re good friends and I’m sure this ‘Forbes Atlanta’ collab project with the two with be something to hear. Especially since this is Sonny’s rap debut. Coming to LiveMixtapes,com. 3/19. Shouts to That Retail Chick for the heads up.


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