Killer Mike and his R.A.P. Music:
Last Thursday, my homie Russ (@RoundupRussy) and I were in the same place- Treesound Studios for Killer Mike’s listening for his upcoming R.A.P. Music LP. Needless to say, it was packed wall to wall. The Platino Tequila was flowing, Mali (Studio Manager and a million other things, LOL…) cooked supper and all was right with the world for a few hours. 🙂

The night was particularly emotional for Mike as he’d just lost his grandmother the day before, but he pushed on. The session was peppered with anecdotes about “the 79-year-old woman who raised [him]” and my eyes teared up more than once. Of course the music was fiery, revolutionary, and well… Killer Mike. Tip and Nelly came out onstage to show support, which was nice.

At the evening’s end, Russ and I found ourselves on an off-the-cuff mission (how we do) and shot a quick interview. He spoke on the inspiration for the album, which solely features production from the well-respected El-P. Most interesting was the role Brooklyn played in its recording. I asked, he answered, Russ shot, and Tip popped his head in to say ‘hey.’ LOL. All in all, a good night. 🙂


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