On the Road Fresh | Dave East Brings ‘Kairi Chanel’ to Vinyl [Atlanta]

Not literally, no. Not his baby, but Harlem rapper Dave East came down south a few days ago with his latest project Kairi Chanel on his heart. He was ready to hit the stage and give fans the live version. Fly lil’ freestyle at the end too. We won. MFD documented. Indulge.


Fresh Music | Jack Papers ‘Casualty89 — You Was Right’

Atlanta-based rapper/producer Jack Papers of Berkley Park has been quiet as of late because he’s been working. So, chill.

Recently he let us hear his latest freestyle, ‘Casualty88’ and it’s more than enough to whet the palate for whatever comes next. Trash-talking and confident flow abound, Jack spits just enough in under two minutes flat. Listen for yourself.

Fresh Music | MFD X DJ Bently ‘Cruise Control Vol. 3’ [Mixtape]

Rounding off 2016, MFD and DJ Bently got together one last time (until 2017, that is) to give the people a little something new to listen to while running holiday errands.

A couple of folks (Matt De LeReaux and Twon Don) you may recognize from the MFD archives, for their past work but a number of those artists included are brand new to our ears — and hopefully you can find the same flyness in them that we did on our first listen. Peep the tracklist below and hit ‘play’ on Cruise Control Vol. 3, above.


Shine | YFN Lucci Feeds the A-Town Streets for Thanksgiving 2016

Always a pleasure to see those I watched on their come up, take a breather at home and do a lil’ something for the people. Congrats on the #1 urban record nationwide Lucci!

If you’re in Atlanta, another turkey drive goes down today on the Southside. Peep the flyer below. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Earl St. Clair ‘Good Time’

Earl St. Clair has been grinding hard for some time in the industry. Continue reading

Exclusive | Brookewell Speaks on the Rebirth of R&B & Their New Single ‘Only One’


Photo Credit: Brookewell

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Brookewell while they visited Atlanta. Brookewell is an R&B girl group put together by Latocha Scott (of Xscape) and her husband, industry executive Rocky Bivens. Continue reading

Exclusive | Swagu Style House Talks ‘Shazam’ & Signing to Cee-Lo


No one knows exactly why hip-hop groups have diminished from the spotlight in recent years. Some blame the waning influence of record labels from the start of the millennium — there isn’t the support of “a building” behind group acts and the pressure of spearheading an indie movement can be too much on some folks. Others point out that ego is the main reason artists (who are also longtime friends) would prefer not to join forces and have to share the spotlight. Either way it goes, the three young men that make up Swagu Style House are primed to win — as a team. Continue reading

Exclusive | Big Sant Explains ‘SleEP’

You really ought to have given Big Sant‘s most recent project, SleEP, a listen by now. The Mississippi native is a star (outside of frequently collaborating with longtime friend Big KRIT).

Despite having had a rough personal year in 2015, the bug returned last spring and Sant is back in effect, ready to touch mics, spit something clever and leave fans in amazement. Same as always.

Three songs deep, SleEP is just enough to whet the palate.

Catch the exclusive breakdown of Sant’s latest above. And listen to the project below.

A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 | From The Eyes of MFD Intern Keandra Scott [Pics]


Last year, we had the opportunity to cover the A3C Hip-Hop 2015 Festival and Conference which took place during the BET Hip-Hop Award Weekend.

The most recent A3C was nothing short of phenomenal. It seems as if each year the festival continues to surpass the expectation of one’s experience to an unfathomable altitude. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Jimmy Wopo ‘Prime Time’

From Abbey B.’s perspective:

I love this track’s beat; the simple piano keys and the beat sound super dope together. This is the kinda song I would put on a playlist at a kickback, rather than a song I listen to when I’m in my feelings and need something/someone to relate to. I could see my friends and I dancing to the catchy chorus, with its low, lazy sound. ‘Prime Time’ isn’t a song that I relate to strongly, but I still appreciate Wopo’s sound and his clever rhymes, and it made me look into some of his other tracks.

Continue reading